Thursday, June 23, 2016

Nat Geo Kids “Everything” Series 

Various Authors
Published by National Geographic 

This book series will quickly become for you a solid ‘go-to’ for teaching informational reading and writing.

The National Geographic Kids “Everything” Series is a nonfiction/informational series of books that should be in everyone’s teaching workshop tool-kit to use as informational reading and writing mentor texts. 

This series of books is loaded with excellent examples of standard text features typical of nonfiction / informational books.  The pages are well laid out with amazing photos that will engage readers immediately to want to dive in and learn more about the topic!

Text features of: table of contents, index, glossary, headings, sub-headings, photographs, time-lines, maps, captions, diagrams, comparisons, close-ups, labels, charts, graphs, change up of font for emphasis, italics and bullets are featured throughout the books.

Series subjects include: Ancient Egypt, Battles, Big Cats, Birds of Prey, Castles, Dinosaurs, Dogs, Dolphins, Insects, Money, Mythology, Pets, Predators Robotics, Rocks, Sharks, Sports, Volcanoes, Weather, World War 1.

Each book in this series delves into a singular subject in depth and in photographic brilliance that only National Geographic can do.

Be sure to use these books with your document camera, so that the text features can be easily detected and pull-out by students and the photos can be truly appreciated! 

Whether your class studies any of these subjects during a social studies, science or PBL unit,... or not, because all of the topics generate high interest, try getting a least of few of books in this series for your 'go-to' teaching workshop tool kit and classroom library. 

Also ask your school librarian to add the series to your school library collection!

Suggested Uses As a Mentor Text:
Book Genre: Nonfiction / informational
Reading Workshop Strategies:  Connecting, Questioning, Search for and Use information, Analyze
Writing Workshop Genre and Strategies: Informational Writing, Search for and Use Information, Boy Hook, Elaboration

National Geographic website:

National Geographic website for teachers/librarians:

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