About Mentor Text Central

I have been mulling the idea of Mentor Text Central for a while.

As the school librarian this year,  I would often have teachers stop into the library and ask me to recommend a book for this strategy or that genre.

I started searching online for a good and handy 'bank of mentor texts' to recommend to our teachers. I just could not find what I thought would be relevant, meaningful and user-friendly for our incredibly busy and hard working teachers.

So....I developed this blog in a way that I thought would be a helpful tool for busy teachers.

My goal with this blog is to share my knowledge of children's literature--particularly picture books--with as many teachers as I can reach.

I wanted to try to take a lot of the guess work off your plate for finding the right mentor text.  With each book review, I  provide of you: a synopsis of a book, a quick example of the author's writing style
(My Favorite Line in the story) and a list of ways the book could be used as a mentor text.  I have also included the author's website or blog information when available.

All suggestions are my ideas...and they are simply that--suggestions.  I want to encourage you to let me know about what worked for you.  Any suggestions that you may have or idea sharing that you would like to do-would be very welcomed!

I hope you find my blog useful. It is just in its infancy!  Please check back often as I add new titles daily (or nearly daily!).  I am open to your feedback to improve this blog in ways that will help make your teaching life easier.  Just let me know!


  1. This is a GREAT site. I appreciate especially that so many of the books reviewed are of recent publication. The only thing I'd like to see that you don't already have is to have the date of publication included in the title information.

    Super job. I'll be coming back again and again!


  2. This site is a real find. THANK YOU for all the your hard work and dedication to busy teachers. I have been trying to connect teachers with excellent mentor texts in my work as a literacy coach. I will definitely be sharing your information with the teachers I serve. Your site is bookmarked and I'll be using your work to guide mine.
    Thanks so much!

    1. Thank you so much for your comments, Katherine and thanks for sharing this site with your teachers! I really hope it is a help for them--that is my whole purpose with this blog! I really appreciate your feedback! ~ Patty

  3. Awesome site! Thanks. I'll be coming back to it time and time again as I work with classroom teachers as their literacy coach!