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Hello again!

July, 2016-Update!

My name is Patty Young. I have been an educator for many, many years. All aspects of literacy--whether is it working with students or teachers--is my main focus and lens. Embedded in this lens, is a love for picture books. I simply cannot imagine a world without picture books. I embrace and encourage the use of picture books as teaching/ learning tools, mentor texts,  and as important tools in a conferring toolkit. I simply cannot think of anything more effective and meaningful in literacy teaching that a teacher can bring to his/ her practice than using picture books in their daily literacy lessons.

During my career I have been a classroom teacher, a literacy specialist, a literacy coach and a school librarian. Even though I have worn all these different hats during my career, the most important role that I have had and still do, is the role of a learner.  I love learning new aspects and ideas about literacy.  And...I thoroughly enjoy sharing what I have learned with others.

 For the past 23 years, my husband and I have taught in five different international schools around the world....in Saudi Arabia, Norway, Japan, Malaysia and back to Saudi Arabia.  (This is a picture of us on safari in Tanzania during our recent spring break.)

In June, 2015, we repatriated!  We left the international schools 'scene' and moved back to California. After 23 years overseas, it was just time to return home.  I have been fortunate enough to join a wonderful, innovative charter school as their librarian.  I am thrilled!

I am also a wife, mother, daughter, sister, aunt and friend.  When I not reading, you'll find me exercising--(walking and yoga are my favorites) or working in the garden with my husband while listening to 60's music (especially the Beatles and Motown!).  I love traveling to different countries and interacting and learning from the locals  I find myself happiest when I am outdoors with my family and friends.....and at the library, browsing and checking out picture books!


  1. During last week's twitter chat with Jen Serravallo, you mentioned your literacy lab sites. I'm a literacy consultant in Iowa, and I'd like to support school districts in setting up literacy labs. Would you be willing to send me some information on how you developed and implemented your literacy labs and any resources that might support my own learning? THANKS!! jsiefken@plaea.org

  2. Hi Patty - I follow you on Twitter and just randomly stumbled upon your blog. Love your ideas. Thank you so much for sharing these great books.

    1. Hello Heather! Thanks so much for you comments! It is when I hear from passionate teachers like you that keeps me motivated to continue to add to the blog! Thanks again, Heather! Patty